• OCPP1.6 Json Platform & App System

    OCPP1.6 Json Platform & App System

    The “Pheilix Smart” OCPP1.6/2.0Json Cloud Platform and APP system was designed and up-grated by our own engineering team . Designed for both Commercial and Residential users, The “Pheilix Smart” OCPP1.6 Cloud Platform system provides a unique service to each user and/or client dependent on the application giving us the ability to deliver the necessary requirements.

    Our platform allows for Live monitoring of Charge Points network, including charging sessions, socket activity, driver groups, tariffs, and billing configuration. The “Pheilix Smart” Ocpp platform can divided into unlimited independent sub-accounts. It make available for us to provide unlimited accounts for our customers. Each client can manage their own EV charging points on the platform.

    “Pheilix Smart” App system is a public App system, which designed with 149 different languages and an independent web management account system also. This is also with unlimited sub-accounts functionality. Each operator customer can manage their customers and charging activities via App management account. The “Pheilix Smart “ App system allowed each operator setting their own company “logo” and “ advertisement “ on the App system. This means the customers have their own App system .