• Zero carbon system involves product

    Zero carbon system involves product

    Smart EV Charging Solutions Pheilix offers a range of smart EV chargers designed for both residential and commercial use. Our chargers are equipped with advanced features like OCPP1.6 compatibility, app monitoring, and dynamic load balancing to ensure efficient and reliable charging experiences.   OCPP1.6 Platform Integration Our OCPP1.6 platform is a robust solution for managing EV charging stations globally. It supports seamless integration with various EV chargers, providing real-tim...
  • European EV charge point certified by CE and TUV

    European EV charge point certified by CE and TUV

    The OCPP1.6J management platform CE/TUV approved Commercial use EV Charger is designed for commercial use and is capable of charging electric vehicles with a maximum power output of 3.6 kW to 22 kW, depending on the model you choose.  The charger is equipped with a single Type 2 Gun/socket, which is a popular type of connector used in Europe for electric vehicle charging.

  • DLB function of european ev charge point

    DLB function of european ev charge point

    The DLB function ensures that the available power across the EV charging point is automatically balanced, making sure that each vehicle gets a consistent and stable power supply. This means that even if two electric vehicles are charging simultaneously, the charging rate will not be affected, and the charging process will continue smoothly.

    The Commercial use EV Charging station 2x22kw dual Guns/sockets is based on the OCPP1.6J open communication protocol. This protocol allows for secure and reliable communication between the charging station and the back-end management system. This means that users can remotely monitor and manage the charging points, check charging status and progress, and view and export charging records. Additionally, they can access real-time alerts and notifications, ensuring that any issues are quickly detected and resolved.

  • Pheilix Ev Charger-Feature

    Pheilix Ev Charger-Feature

    Our company is a manufacturer of charging piles located in Shanghai, with a comprehensive product system 
    that  encompasses both hardware and Ocpp platforms (for CPOs) as well as an App for individual users to charge their vehicles. 
    Our products range from AC to DC, covering both commercial and residential use.
    specifications of our commercial Ev chager as follow: