• UL 2594  AC Level 2 EV Charger 50A Wall Mount

    UL 2594 AC Level 2 EV Charger 50A Wall Mount

    Pheilix UL 2594, SAE J1772 standard AC Level 2 EV Charger series designed with intelligent integrated solution based on high level security and electrical performance. Pheilix electric vehicle chargers are not only a EV charging device , It is also associated with the Solar system , Battery pack(Energy storage system) and other family devices system. Pheilix team independently developed the OCPP1.6Json network platform and App system. From UL 2594 SAE J1772 standard charging control modules to complete EV charging units to Network platform and App , Pheilix provides a One-stop EV charging sloution to different customers .

    he Pheilix charger has a built-in energy meter, so some local utilities may not require the installation of a second meter.
    ● Monitors energy usage and demand
    ● Provides certified energy and metered demand response, so it can support electric utility electric vehicle billing when certified to ANSI C12.20 and IEC standards (if supported by your local electric utility)
    ● Supports energy usage data evaluation


    Flexible communications

    Blink has many ways to connect to the Internet:
    ● Ethernet Local Area Network (LAN)
    ● IEEE 802.11b/g (Wi-Fi) ● Cellular Modem


    Pheilix safety features:
    ● Compliant with UL 2594 – Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment.
    ● Will not dispense power unless the connector is properly latched in the vehicle’s inlet –with an audible click.
    ● Communicates with your vehicle when the Pheilix connector is plugged into the vehicle inlet, so the vehicle will not drive until the connector is unplugged.
    ● Turns off the charging power if the Pheilix connector or cable is subjected to excessive strain.
    ● Contains a charge circuit interrupting device (CCID) and a ground monitoring circuit.
    ● Meets all National Electric Code and UL requirements related to electric vehicle charging systems.
    ● Restarts automatically after a power outage.
    ● Provides adjustable output current to support electric utility demand response requests, where available (and with your permission).
    ● Complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and can be installed in a variety of configurations to meet your needs.