Brand isolation of European charging station operators (CR4)

As a seasoned energy journalist, I’d be happy to analyze the market concentration of European electric vehicle (EV) charging station brands. Let’s focus on the CR4, which represents the market share of the top four players. Here are some notable European charging point operators (CPOs) based on data from the European Alternative Fuels Observatory (EAFO) and the 2023 GridX charging report:
Mer: Owned by Statkraft, Mer operates across 10 countries in Europe and boasts 7,333 charging points. Their charging point share is 1.5%1.
Threeforce: Headquartered in the Netherlands, Threeforce has 7,533 charging points across six European countries, contributing significantly to the overall network with a 1.6% share1.
Be Charge: With a presence in 12 countries and 7,867 charging points, Be Charge aims to create one of Europe’s largest charging infrastructure networks. Their share is also 1.6%1.
Vattenfall: A Swedish state-owned company, Vattenfall operates in six European countries and offers 8,573 charging points, representing a 1.8% share.
These companies play a crucial role in shaping the EV charging landscape.
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Post time: Jun-28-2024