Pheilix combined with Home use and Commercial function in one unit

The Pheilix Home smart EV charge point series 3.6kw, 7.2kW, 11kw , 22kw designed functionality of providing electricity freely for the owner, whatever operate the charger via App or RFID cards which can also be used if the charge point is offline. When the charging point is at an Idle status, the Pheilix charge point can be used for selling electricity to other users. That means that a private property can supply electricity as a public facility. Once thousands or more of residential source open to a public use, it will help more and more EV drivers find a charging device with ease and reduce the demand for public facilities.




In the same way , Once a commercial functionality Pheilix EV charge unit need to provide free electricity for some time or some users, the operator can finish setting on the Ocpp1.6 json cloud platform account by themselves . Each user or Operator who wanna to selling electricity , they need to register on STRIPE official web and get STRIPE account binding with their private bank account or company account. Then, connect our local distributors asking for the converting service from residential to commercial functionality. Our distributor will provide a independent Ocpp1.6Json cloud management platform account and a App web management account to customers. With these account, the customers can set their own information on the account such as selling unit price , charge point’s location map, service time, billing details … One of the most important thing is the income from selling electricity will arrive customers’ account directly !



This solution will help the end users become a mini operator without barrier . Pheilix Smart provides an unlimited Ocpp1.6 cloud platform management account and App web management account for each operator customer . The operator sets the selling price level and details by themselves on their account. A flexible solution to manage their property and income.

Post time: Oct-24-2022