The True Solar + Energy Storage + EV Charger All-in-one System

With the professional technologies and decads years accumulations of experience in solar, Energy storage and EV chargers, Pheilix Technology is not only a products supplier for EV chargers, Battery ( Engergy storage ), Solar system But also a Platform and App software system sevice Global leasing servie supplier.


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Phelix technology provides a true “ solar + Battery + EV charger” all-in one solution both for Residential system and Comemrcial system. In the currently residential system, The current solution on the market for Solar, Battery and EV charging system use a CT to monitor the current flow direction. From this, we cannot gain any detail of how much power is used instantly from the Home loads or how much is produced instanatly from Solar or Battery. To enable maximum use of Green Energy, we must first establish exactly how much is green power at this minute or second and how much of the current necessary loads required. So, whenever the EV charger is being used whether that be day or night, we must ensure the necessary Home Loads working first, The balance from the instant solar power or the battery storage is used for EV charging.


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Phelix technology have designed series new products to suit these needs and requirements. These exciting new products will monitor all the home load equipment, solar circuit and battery circuit and then communicate each part together. Our product will then be able to detect how much solar power has been produced along with how much the current load requires and then divide the share of Green Energy in the most proper way.

With the independent developed OCPP1.6 Platform and App system, Pheilix technoloy integrates the Inverter’s communication protocol in Solar system and the Battery ‘s communication protocol in Energy storage system into our OCPP1.6 platform. So, It is the real all-in one system. The complete solar + Battery + EV charger system controlled by our one OCPP1.6 platform and one App system “Pheilix smart”.


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Post time: Nov-07-2022