PEN fault protection Residential use/Home use EV Charger 3.6kw/7.2kw wall mounted with App monitoring function

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Pheilix Residential use/home use 3.6kw/7.2kw EV chargers are wall-mounted charging stations designed for use in homes or other residential settings. These chargers typically use a standard 220-240V AC power outlet and can provide charging speeds of up to 7.2kW, depending on the specific model.

PEN (Protective Earth Neutral) protection is a feature that provides an additional layer of safety when using these charging stations. This is because electric cars require a high amount of power, which can be dangerous if the charging system has not been properly installed or grounded. The PEN protection ensures that the charging system is grounded and protected against electrical faults, making it safer for both the user and the vehicle.

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Pheilix EV charging points are a convenient way for electric vehicle owners to charge their cars at home, while also providing additional safety features to ensure that the charging process is both efficient and safe.

Residential use or home use EV chargers are wall-mounted charging stations designed for home installation. These chargers come in a variety of sizes and capacities, including 3.6kw and 7.2kw. In addition to providing a convenient and cost-effective way to charge an electric vehicle at home, these chargers also come with home load balancing functionalities. This means that they can be integrated with your home's electrical system to ensure that the charger operates efficiently while not exceeding the total capacity of your home's electrical supply. By managing the charging process in this way, these EV chargers help to prevent power outages or other electrical issues that can occur when you try to charge your vehicle using a standard outlet. Overall, home use EV chargers with load balancing features are an ideal way to enjoy the convenience of electric vehicle ownership while also ensuring that your home's electrical system operates smoothly and efficiently.

The Pheilix 3.6kw/7.2kw Home smart version EV charger is a charging station designed for home use. It features a built-in OCPP1.6 platform, which enables seamless communication with other charging stations and management systems.

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Additionally, this EV charging station comes with an App monitoring function, which allows users to monitor and control the charging process using their mobile devices. The App monitoring function provides real-time information on charging status, including notifications when the charging is complete.

This EV charging station is designed to be energy-efficient, with a compact design that makes it easy to install in a variety of settings. It supports both 3.6kw and 7.2kw charging modes, which can provide up to 25 miles of range per hour of charging, depending on the car's battery capacity.

Overall, this EV charger is a smart and energy-efficient solution for home charging, with advanced features that ensure convenient and safe charging for electric vehicle owners.

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