Commercial 2x7kW dual sockets/Guns EV charger

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Pheilix Commercial use 2x7kw dual sockets/guns EV charging points are designed to provide a maximum charging power of 7kW per socket or gun. They are typically suitable for charging electric cars with a single-phase on board charger with a maximum charging power of 7kW.
2x7kW EV charger are typically designed to be wall-mounted and can be installed indoor or outdoor for public, commercial or residential usage. Dual socket EV charger points enable two electric cars to charge simultaneously, which saves time and provides more opportunities for EV charging. These types of EV charger stations are typically equipped with RFID card readers or smart phone applications as a payment option.

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2x7kW EV charging stations are ideal for various locations, including car parks, supermarkets, and businesses, and can help to generate repeat visits from EV drivers who value the convenience of having a fast charging station close to where they need it. They typically use Type 2 connectors, which are the most common connector type used in Europe. And They are typically equipped with a communication protocol such as OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol), enabling interaction with back-office systems, monitoring usage, and managing the charging process remotely. These types of EV charging points usually include built-in safety features such as over current and over voltage protection, which helps to prevent damage to the electric vehicles being charged.

2x7kW EV charging points are often installed on private property, such as a commercial or residential parking lot, and can be easily integrated with solar panels or other renewable energy sources. These EV charging points are often included in government grants and incentives to promote the adoption of electric vehicles.

Overall, these 2x7kW EV chargers are a practical and essential solution for providing charging infrastructure for EV drivers. By offering a fast and convenient way to charge electric cars, they can help encourage the adoption of electric vehicles and reduce carbon emissions.

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