OCPP1.6J managment Platform CE/TUV approved Commercial use EV Charger 3.6kw /7.2KW single Type 2 Gun/socket with wireless/credit card payment function

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The OCPP1.6J management platform CE/TUV approved Commercial use EV Charger is designed for commercial use and is capable of charging electric vehicles with a maximum power output of 3.6 kW or 7.2 kW, depending on the model you choose.  The charger is equipped with a single Type 2 Gun/socket, which is a popular type of connector used in Europe for electric vehicle charging.


2x7kW EV charging stations are ideal for various locations, including car parks, supermarkets, and businesses, and can help to generate repeat visits from EV drivers who value the convenience of having a fast charging station close to where they need it. They typically use Type 2 connectors, which are the most common connector type used in Europe. And They are typically equipped with a communication protocol such as OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol), enabling interaction with back-office systems, monitoring usage, and managing the charging process remotely. These types of EV charging points usually include built-in safety features such as over current and over voltage protection, which helps to prevent damage to the electric vehicles being charged.

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The EV charging station also comes with wireless/credit card payment functionality, providing customers with a convenient and secure payment option. The payment process is simple, and customers can easily pay for the charging services using their credit cards or by scanning a QR code.

The EV charger has been certified by both CE and TUV, two of the most recognized certification bodies for safety and quality standards. This certification ensures that the product has been tested and approved to meet rigorous safety and quality standards. Customers can be confident in the safety and quality of this product.

The EV charging Point is based on the OCPP1.6J protocol, an open communication protocol that allows for secure and reliable communication between the charger and the backend management system. This feature enables remote management and monitoring of the charging station status, allowing businesses to monitor charging time, cost, and consumption. Additionally, the charging station can send real-time alerts and notifications, enabling quick issue detection and resolution.

The EV charger station comes with advanced safety features such as overvoltage protection, ground fault protection, and thermal protection. These safety features ensure the safety of the charger as well as the vehicle being charged.

The EV charger is designed for both indoor and outdoor use, with a rugged and durable casing that can withstand harsh weather conditions. The charger is easy to install, and the Type 2 Gun/socket connection makes it compatible with a wide range of electric vehicles.

In summary, the OCPP1.6J management platform CE/TUV approved Commercial use EV Charger is a high-quality and reliable charging station designed for commercial use. With its wireless/credit card payment functionality and advanced safety features, customers can be confident in its performance and convenience. The OCPP1.6J protocol ensures secure and reliable communication, and the CE/TUV certification guarantees the charger's safety and quality. Whether you are looking to charge electric vehicles indoors or outdoors, the OCPP1.6J management platform CE/TUV approved Commercial use EV Charger is a great choice for businesses and organizations.

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