OCPP1.6J AC range commercial use 2x22kW dual sockets/Guns EV Charger

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The Pheilix OCPP1.6J AC range commercial use 2x22kW dual sockets EV Charger  is typically designed with two sockets that can simultaneously charge two electric vehicles.  It requires a three-phase power supply with a voltage of 400-415V AC. The charger is capable of delivering a charging speed of up to 110 kilometers per hour (km/h) depending on the EV’s battery capacity and charging status.  The charger is equipped with Type 2 connectors, which are compatible with most electric cars available in the market.  It may also have features such as RFID authentication, billing management, and remote monitoring capabilities for efficient management and maintenance.

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Pheilix Commercial 2x22kW dual sockets/guns EV Charging points refer to electric vehicle charging stations that have two charging connectors with up to 22 kW of power output each, allowing for simultaneous charging of two electric vehicles. This type of charging station is commonly found in public locations, such as shopping centers, office buildings, and parking garages. Dual socket/gun charging stations provide convenience for electric vehicle owners who may need to charge their vehicles during busy periods when other charging stations may already be in use. These EV chargers can usually charge most electric vehicles from empty to full charge in 3-4 hours, depending on the battery size and charging rate of the vehicle. Some dual socket/gun EV charger allow for flexible charging options, such as charging one vehicle with full power or splitting the power between both vehicles to charge them simultaneously at a slower rate.

Dual socket EV charging stations are becoming increasingly popular in public charging areas such as car parks, shopping centers, and airports, as well as workplaces and residential buildings. They are also a popular choice for fleet management applications.

When considering a 22 kW dual socket EV charger, it is important to ensure that it meets all relevant safety and regulatory standards for your region. You should also consider factors such as installation and running costs, compatibility with different EV models, and user experience features.

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