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Get Fast and Efficient Charging with Our EV Charger 2x1kw Dual Guns - The Ultimate Solution for Your Electric Vehicle

Shanghai Pheilix Technology, a leading EV charger manufacturer and supplier from China, presents the newest offering in its product line – the Ev Charger 2x1kw Dual Guns. This revolutionary car charger is designed to meet the demands of electric vehicle owners and operators, delivering higher power output and advanced safety features. With its dual guns, the Ev Charger 2x1kw provides faster charging and more convenience, allowing two electric vehicles to charge at the same time. It has a sleek and modern design, made of high-quality materials, that can withstand various weather conditions. Shanghai Pheilix Technology ensures that the charger is safe and reliable by integrating intelligent protection mechanisms such as over-voltage, over-current, and over-temperature protection. The intuitive LED display panel provides real-time charging status, making it easier for EV owners to monitor the charging process. As a factory-direct supplier, Shanghai Pheilix Technology offers competitive pricing and exceptional client support. Choose the Ev Charger 2x1kw Dual Guns for faster and more efficient charging of your electric vehicles.

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